Case Schrage

Motivational Speaker

Case Schrage (Canada):

Case Schrage, a Dutch- Canadian has been working with wild animals for 23 years. He has also been working with the two sisters of the lioness Elsa, from the movie Born Free, and with the family of the well known killer whale, Willy from the Free Willy.

Because of his unique background and 23 years of experience with well over 75 animals, Case has been invited to lecture to thousands of students around the world and has appeared on many radio and TV stations.

He is a respected motivational speaker and is well sought after for conferences and rallies world-wide. Students appreciate his clear, no-nonsense approach about the value of life, which leaves everyone thinking more deeply about their own future.

He has a multimedia presentation about the animals he worked with, in which he uses parallels between animal behaviour and people.

With today's increasing problems with violence, Bullying, lack of discipline and respect for others, Case brings the value of life into focus through the animal kingdom.

SEVEN times he came close to death. At one time a 5-ton killer whale threw him through the air and another time a lion grabbed him by his left arm, but he survived.

Life is too short to fool around.
You cannot save time, but you can waste it!

It's easier to train a child than to repair a man